Kenwood TK3201, TK3301 and TK3501 repair

Item number: MACK32REP20

This is a pay up front repair for one Kenwood licence free 446 radio.

This can be for the the TK3201, TK3301 or TK3501 or a mixture of the radios. Just buy the amount of repairs you need, one repair per radio you are sending to us. You can send one or more radios. This is a postal repair service, you will need to despatch the faulty equiment to the address on the repair form. The shipping you pay here is to return the radio(s) to your address.

This service covers electronic repairs only, antennas, batteries, housings, belt clips and knob will incur extra costs if required. 

You do not need to pay up front, you can also pay once the radio has been repaired, but you will pay a bit more.

The normal price list and repair form can be found here.