Pre-pay walkie talkie radio repairs

When this section is complete you will be able to pay for a repair before sending the radio to Mike Ashby Comms. Any repair products already listed are available to purchase. This will enable you to save a couple of ££ as you will be paying upfront. The price you pay includes return shipping to your UK destination, labour and electronic components. You will  need to pay shipping/postage to send the faulty radio(s) to us. However, replacement housings, control knobs, antennas, batteries, chassis and charging equipment is excluded, if these are required you will receive a free quotation for any extras. If your walkie-talkie is not repairable you will receive a full refund. If you want the handset back we will deduct the cost of shipping from your payment and refund the balance. Please note: that you do not have to use the pay up front service, we are quite happy to invoice you when the repair is completed. Please click here for further information.

Click here for the "Repair Form" which should be included with your parcel or emailed to us.