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Fixed price walkie-talkie repair service

Mike Ashby Comms for all your walkie-talkie repairs and servicing. Repairs to licensed, digital and PMR licence free handsets. We accept repairs from individuals, educational institutions, leisure centres, theme parks,  businesses and all other users of portable two-way radio equipment. Please click "Sending a Repair" on the navigation menu above, you will be able to see details of what to do in order to send faulty handsets to us for repair or servicing. This is a fixed price, postal service covering the UK. Most makes and models are accepted for repair including but not limited to Kenwood, Motorola, Icom, Vertex, Kirisun, Hytera and Opus to mention a few. Please do note we do not repair base stations or mobile in car two-way radios.

As a sole trader, I manage and update this website myself, so items and information are added as time permits or on request.

This is the new website, information, products and related items will be added during the coming weeks. In the mean time you can download the repair form and price list below.

Repair Price List
PDF – 304.0 KB 815 downloads
Repair Request Form
PDF – 338.5 KB 660 downloads