Motorola GP300 fixed price repair

Item number: FPRGP300

Motorola GP300 repair service

Here you can purchase pre-paid repairs for the Motorola walkie talkies mentioned above, these can be UHF or VHF. By paying upfront you will save some cash compared to the normal price list which applies for pay on invoice. For example, if sending in one radio you would purchase one item. If sending two or more handsets just purchase the required quantity. You can send a mixture of the different models. Shipping is fixed at the rate indicated for one or more radios, so sending in a few radios saves on shipping. The shipping cost is to return the repaired radios to you, you are responsable for costs to ship to Mike Ashby Comms. Housing replacement by request and subject to quotation.

You do not need to use this service, you can send repairs in and pay on invoice if you prefer but you will pay a bit more.

The price list and repair form can be downloaded here