Repairs to older walkie-talkie two-way radios

If you have older walkie-talkies that you need repaired Mike Ashby Comms will tackle most makes and models. Perhaps you only need to use your radios a few times a month or a year and you don't want to buy new equipment, but rather get your older equipment repaired or serviced. New digital equipment is great but if your present radios suit the task, why replace them with new equipment? Much of the newer equipment is expensive to purchase and repair costs can be excessive. If you are a school, church, charity, animal shelter, individual or any radio user on a budget Mike Ashby Comms can save you money.

Radios manufactured by Motorola, Icom, Vertex, HYT, Kenwood, Kirisun, Opus and others are repaired at very reasonable prices and can be up to thirty years old. 

The latest analogue and digital equipment can also be repaired at a cost that is usually well below prices charged by other providers. Prices are fixed for electronic repairs and extras such as housings, control knobs, antennas will be quoted on before been replaced. Please see the details regarding sending batteries in with your radios, click here.

Details of my fixed price repair service, the "Repair Form", and current "Price List" are available here. Faulty equipment can be sent to my workshop using the postal service or a courier company, whichever you use, please ensure a signature is required when I receive your parcel. Don't just discard older handhelds just because no one will repair them, most have still got a good few year of service to give you. I am happy to receive old handsets that you no longer require and recycle them where possible. Give me a call on 0333 9009008 to discuss this.