Cobra AM245 licence free walkie-talkie

Item number: COBAM245

Cobra AM245 walkie-talkie twin pack

Great for keeping in touch with the kids when out camping, fishing, caravaning or at the fun park. If it's short range, instant communications you need then these two-way radios are what you need.

Distance will vary from about 500 yards in a dense forest or middle of city buildings to 5KM over open ground and water. The USB cable can be plugged into any USB charging port in order to charge the batteries. You can also use Alkaline AAA batteries if you do not have charging facilities. These radios do not have privacy tones.

Key Specs

Maximum Radio Range: 5 km

Water Resistant: No

Weatherband: No


Number of Frequencies:

8 Channels

Number of PMR446 Channels: 8


Rechargeable Battery: Yes

Battery Size: AAA

Number of Batteries Required: 6, 3 Batteries / radio X 2 radios

Batteries Included: Yes

Battery Life: 4 hours depending on the battery included with the radio

Unit Dimensions

Length: 1.96 in (49.81mm)

Height: 5.16 in (131 mm)

Depth: 1.46 in (37.13 mm)

Weight: 0.14 lbs (65.4 g)

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