Add To Your Wishlist2 wire curly tube, 2 pin

Add To Your Wishlist2 wire curly tube, 2 pin

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PD 405 earpiece

2 wire curly tube, 2 pin

  • Description

    A very popular earpiece, one of my best sellers. The combined press-to-talk/microphone can be clipped to your clothing or run down a sleeve into you palm for covert use. Great for security and covert use, with crystal clear audio.

    Suitable for HYTERA PD405, PD415, PD565, PD505, POWER 446, TC610, TC620

    Microphone Specifications

    Dimension: Ø9.7mm x6 mm

    Sensitivity: -40±2dB

    Direction: Omni directional

    Speaker Specifications

    Dimension: Ø16mm

    Impedance: 110Ω ± 15%

    Power Rating: Normal 1.0W
    Maximum 1.5W

    Cable Specifications

    Cable diameter: Ø3.8mm, Ø2.5mm

    Colour: black

    Material: polyurethane kevlar reinforce