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If your walkie talkie is broken you don’t have to throw it straight in the bin – more often than not it can be repaired. Mike Ashby Comms repairs most makes and models, including licence free 446 hand-held portables. Some examples of walkie talkies I repair are Motorola, Midland, Icom, Kenwood, Vertex, HYT, Cronus,  Kirsun, Opus to name a few.

The "Repair Request" form and the fixed price repair price list can be downloaded free of charge in PDF format, just click the links above. Just include the repair form in your parcel, you do not need to email it to me.

I offer a ‘no fix, no fee’ policy, so if I can’t repair your equipment all you have to pay is the return postage – there is no inspection charge. But if we can repair it, our Fixed Price Repair service is reasonable and affordable and saves you the cost of new kit.
Fixed Price Repairs are available to all those who use portable radios including schools, businesses, shopping centres, hospitals, farms, individuals and two way radio dealers.                         

 How It Works

Mike Ashby Comms offers a postal repair service. I accept repairs from anywhere in the British Isles.
Send your items to the address on the Repair Request Form using a secure, recorded service which requires a signature on receipt.
Details of the equipment you are sending should be included on the form, which can either be printed and sent with your parcel, or emailed to Mike Ashby Comms separately.
As soon as I receive your item it will be booked onto the system and allocated a job number. We will send you a payment link for the cost of the repair once we have fixed your equipment and goods will be returned as soon as payment is made. (BACS into bank account acceptable)
Arrangements can also be made for repairs to be paid on an invoice basis. Please contact us for more details.
In the event that we can’t repair your radio due to physical damage, water damage or another reason, we will return it to you for a nominal shipping fee. Or we can safely dispose of the item on your behalf. 

Six Way Bank Charger Repairs

 Mike Ashby Comms also offers a repair service for six way bank chargers, which includes repairs to the external and internal switch mode power supplies.
Repairs are carried out on Kenwood, Motorola, Vertex, Icom and some other makes of six way bank chargers.
Prices start from £40 if just a couple of pods are faulty, going up to £80 if the switch mode power supply needs repair.
External power supplies, such as those used by the Motorola GP300 and Vertex VX-417, are repaired for a fixed price of £65. Return UK mainland shipping is £9 up to 20kg. 

  Please note: Ship radios only, do not include batteries, chargers or aerials. (If aerial is removable)

                                        HYT TC-610 walkie talkie         Motorola XTR446 walkie talkies         Motorola XTNiD walkie talkie        Motorola GP388 hand portable   Motorola DP1400 two way radio      Vertex VX-400 series