Motorola XT or XTN series missing rubber talk button? Most makes refurbished.


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Consumer 446 repair
£19.14 (inc. VAT)
Digital radio repair
£33.74 (inc. VAT)
Kirisun DP405 battery contact replacement
£27.35 (inc. VAT)
Licensed walkie talkie repair
£28.39 (inc. VAT)
PMR 446 repair
£24.73 (inc. VAT)

Mike Ashby Comms provides a flat rate, postal repair service for most makes of handheld two way radios including repairs to licence free 446 walkie talkie radios. If want to save some cash you can buy a fixed price repair(s) and then send the equipment to the address on this website. Details of this service and the normal price list can be found by clicking here.
Equipment that is not repairable will be returned and a refund will be given less the return shipping fee. A full refund will be given if you do not want equipment that cannot be repaired sent back to you.

Price excludes antenna, battery, case, charger and missing knobs. These will incur a further cost and you will be sent a quotation.

Three month warranty on repairs.

Return shipping is per consignment, up to 10 KG's, so sending in a few radios at a time makes sense.

Sending a repair? - please use the "
Repair form"