Pama Delta Plus PMR licence free walkie-talkies

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Item number: 446DELTA+

Delta Plus PMR 446 handsets, twin pack.

The Delta Plus is a rugged PMR licence free walkie talkie which comes in a twin pack. The radios come with two drop-in chargers and USB leads which can be plugged into a PC, mobile phone charger, or any other USB outlet. So, these come with the charger and USB lead but no power supply.
Ideal for short range on-site communications, such as schools, warehouses, sports events, camping trips, concerts, nightclubs, and anywhere quick and easy communications are required.


Size H=125mm, W=51mm & D=26mm

Pack includes 2 x drop-in chargers, 2 x belt clips, 2 x USB cables and 2 x lanyards


User Manual Pdf
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