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Two way radio six way bank chargers repaired, repairs to most 6 way chargers, half pods not working.

26 Sep 2019 11:00:00 Mike - Full article...
Do you have a Motorola six way charger for the CP040 and DP1400 that is faulty? Perhaps only half the pods are working on your XTNi or XTNiD bank charger. Most of these can be repaired at about a third of the price of a new charger. Depending what the actual fault is, the repair could even be a quarter of the replacement price of the unit.  Most multi way chargers for Kenwood, Icom, Vertex, Hytera etc can be repaired at a very reasonable price compared to the cost of a new

Walkie talkie repair service for two way radio dealers

1 Jun 2019 14:00:00 Mike - Full article...
Mike Ashby Comms provides a repair service to radio dealers. Perhaps you are over busy or your engineer has gone on holiday. I fill the gap so that you can continue to offer repairs to your customers. I have over 35 years fo experience with in the radio communications industry, repairs are carried out to the highest standard using original parts. My rates are very reasonable and all repairs are carried out in a fully equipped workshop. Repairs are conducted on a fixed price repair basis

Motorola CP040 with faulty earpiece socket, earpiece not working on walkie talkie

25 May 2019 10:00:00 Mike - Full article...
Do you have a CP040 that has a faulty earpiece socket? Maybe you have a Motorola GP300,  DP1400, Kenwood, Icom, Vertex or HYT that has issues with the earpiece socket. I can replace the faulty socket on your radio with a new one so that it all works again.  Repairs are carried out on most makes of PMR licensed radios as well as 446 licence free handheld radios.  Remember you should avoid banging the earpiece plug against walls, tables etc while it is plugged into the radio

Mini walkie talkie stuck on my XTR446, radio does not receive, Motorola XTR446 problems.

14 May 2019 11:00:00 Mike - Full article...
The Motorola XTR446 is a great licence free walkie talkie two way radio. One of the faults they develope is showing a mini walkie talkie on ther screen. When this happens the radio willl not receive and it will need to be sent off for repair. It is always best to send the faulty unit in along with the radio that is part of the pair. As the radios age the frequency on both of them drift off frequency. This will cause some loss of performance depending how far the radios drift. If you only send

Walkie talkie two way radio repairs, fixed price, UK postal service.

4 May 2019 15:00:00 Mike - Full article...
Mike Ashby Comms offers a flat rate, postal repair service for walkie talkie two way radios. I am a sole trader and have over thirty eight years of experience within the radio communications field. My fully equipped workshop uses industry standard test equipment and a large spare parts inventory ensures your expensive equipment receives a professional repair. Most makes are repaired including Motorola, Icom, Kenwood, Hyt, Cronus, Opus, Vertex and others.  Repairs are also carried out on

Motorola DP1400 battery keeps falling off due to broken case.

25 Apr 2019 12:00:00 Mike - Full article...
Does the battery keep falling off your DP1400 due to a broken case? Mike Ashby Comms provides a housing replacement service for these radios and many others. You may want to consider a protective leather carry case to stop the case cracking when the radios is dropped. The case does not break everytime the radio is dropped, but on occassion it does happen. The DP1400 is a replacement for the CP040 and can be upgraded to work in digital mode or purchased with the upgrade depending on your

Motorola XT420, XT460, XTNi or XTNiD rubber button missing

22 Apr 2019 14:00:00 Mike - Full article...
Missing rubber PTT button Is the rubber pust to talk button missing of your walkie talkie two way radio? This can occur on many radios including licensed PMR walkie talkies. With some radios it is a case of replacing the rubber and perhaps the bezel that holds the rubber in place.(Design dependant) On others the whole housing has to be replaced to solve the problem. The Motorola XT420, XT460, XTNi and XTNiD need the case replaced if the rubber push to talk button is missing. I would

Licence free 446 PMR walkie talkie repairs

18 Apr 2019 12:00:00 Mike - Full article...
Mike Ashby Comms offers a fixed price, postal repair service for most PMR licence free walkie talkie two way radios. Radios such as the Motorola XTNi, XTNiD, XT420 and XT460, Kenwood TK-3201, TK3301, TK-3501, Icom IC-F25SR, IC-F27SR, IC-F29SR, Vertex and Hytera radios can be repaired for a fixed price of £24.00 each. This excludes, batteries, antennas, housings and chargers which can be repaired or replaced on quotation acceptance. Most of the PMR type of 446 licence free radios
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