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Motorola CP040 with faulty earpiece socket, earpiece not working on walkie talkie

25 May 2019 10:00:00 Mike

Do you have a CP040 that has a faulty earpiece socket? Maybe you have a Motorola GP300,  DP1400, Kenwood, Icom, Vertex or HYT that has issues with the earpiece socket. I can replace the faulty socket on your radio with a new one so that it all works again. 

Repairs are carried out on most makes of PMR licensed radios as well as 446 licence free handheld radios. 

Remember you should avoid banging the earpiece plug against walls, tables etc while it is plugged into the radio as this can cause damage to the actual printed circuit board. This can also cause the tip of the pin on the plug to snap off in the socket on the radio, I have had a few SL1600's with this issue. Do not force the plug into the radio, be sure you have the correct earpiece for the radio. 

It goes without saying that you should never carry the radio by the earpiece or the cable. Likewise do not use the antenna as a carry handle. I replace many aerial sockets on radios where the threads have gone because they were carried by the antenna.


XTNiD with damaged socket


Handhelds that use a contact type of connector on the radio can also have problems with the earpiece working incorrectly. On occassion dirt or other contamination can result in the earpiece not working. A rub with a soft dry cloth will often clean the contacts and restore full function to the earpiece. However corrosion to the contacts will require the flexable printed circuit board to be replaced. This is a straight forward repair on some radios while on others the whole housing will need to be replaced.


Please note: The price varies per radio, this is not an item covered under the flat rate repair service. The cost for the CP040 is £28 per radio and return shipping of £8 per consignment.


Damaged accessory contacts on radio


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