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Motorola XT460 replacement housing PMLN6415

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Motorola XT460 licence free walkie talkie replacement housing
I have received a number of these radios for repair where the PTT rubber is missing. This is usually because the user has picked at the rubber until it has detatched itself from the housing. As this is an integral part of the housing the whole case needs to be replaced. It's quite straight forward if you have a T6 torx driver and you have a bit of mechanical knowledge. However, in order to keep sending messages users use a sharp object to operate the actual mechanical switch in the radio. This often leads to failure of the switch, which then has to be replaced. If this is the case, I can perform the repair for you and test the radio. 
I do offer a fixed price, UK postal repair service for most makes of walkie talkie radios including PMR licence free types.
Please note: There is an approximate ten day lead time for this item.
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