Motorola XTR446 stuck on monitor

Does your Motorola XTR446 display the receiving or baby monitor symbol but does not receive? This is a problem I can repair 99% of the time. I also repair many other licence free 446 walkie talkies manufactured by Motorola such as the TLKR-T4, TLKR-T5, TLKR-T6, TLKR-T8, XTNi, XTNiD, XT420, XT460 etc.
While no spare parts are available for the Motorola range of consumer 446 radios there are some problems that can be address by using my flat rate postal repair service. Some components are common and can be sourced via suppliers so I can repair a number of issues these radios encounter. The radios are no longer part of my price list but I do repair them at a flat fee of £19.00 plus return shipping of £5.00. No charge is applied if the radios are not repairable, but if you want the units back I charge the £5 shipping fee to send them back to you. If you want me to dispose of non repairable units there is no charge at all. (No fix, no fee policy) Even if you have established which radio is faulty, I always ask you to send in both radios of the pair. This is because the walkie talkies can drift out alignment over time. So if you only send in the faulty unit I will repair it and set the carrier frequency and other alignment items. Now I send you a perfect radio back and you complain that they don't work well. That's because the one you did not send in is off frequency, so I need both of your pair to ensure that they are aligned perfectly.
You can download the repair request form by clicking
Please do not send in the batteries, radios only.

Motorola XTR446