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XT420 housingXT420 housing

Add To Your WishlistXT420 re-case service

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XT420 housing

XT420 re-case service

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    The Motorola XT420 is the replacement for the XTNi walkie talkie. This licence free radio is of a high quality and widely used in many industries where reliable short range communications are required. The antenna cover and push-to-talk rubber are an integral part of the housing, so if damaged the case needs to be replaced. Just purchase the number of cases you need to have changed and send the handset(s) to Mike Ashby Comms. Your radio will be checked over, have a new case fitted, tested and returned to you via courier.
    Please Note: Housings can take up to two weeks to get as the supplier does not class these as a stock item, so expect a two week turn around time.

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    XT420 houysing part number 

    Repair form available here