Walkie talkies

Walkie talkies

Here you will find a selection of licence free walkie talkies. These are useful for short range communications when you are out and about. Great for staying in contact when fishing, camping, hiking, cycling or just out having fun with the family.These radios do not require an Ofcom licence to operate in the UK and most EU Countries.I offer a repair service for most makes and models of walkie talkie radios.

Here you will find an increasing range of licence free 446 walkie talkies. You do not require a user licence to operate these in the UK and most EU Countries. I offer a repair service for walkie talkies which covers the UK with a postal service Any questions, please contact me on +44 (0) 3339009008.

Hytera Power446

No longer availableDesigned with usability as the priority, POWER446 excels with easy operation, clear voice and long battery life. Rugged, reliable a...
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Motorola T62 446 Twin Pack

The Motorola TLKR T62 licence free twin pack is ideal for more regular use. Supplied in twin packs with rechargeable batteries and a USB charging cabl...
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T82 walkie talkies

Motorola T82 Twin Pack

The T82 twin pack has the same rating as the T82 Extreme, but comes without the carry lanyards, boom microphones, carry case and personalisation stick...
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Motorola XT420 446 handset

The Motorola XT420 is the replacement for the Motorola XTNiD walkie talkie. This is a licence free PMR 446 two way radio of high quality. Ideal where ...
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