Add To Your WishlistSenhaix 8120 waterproof radio

Add To Your WishlistSenhaix 8120 waterproof radio

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Senhaix 8120 waterproof radio

  • Description

    Senhaix 8120 Waterproof 16 Channel UHF 400-470MHz Handheld PMR Transceiver

    I have had a look at these two-way radios. Really nice feel and great quality for the price. Nice build of the internal workings, quality PC board and components.

    These would be ideal for all radio users who wish to stay with standard analogue products and where UHF is the preferred frequency band. You will need an Ofcom licence, either the UK general or your own frequency. Looking to add to your fleet or replace older radios, you may want to consider the Senhaix 8120. This is ideal for day to day communications where no frills are required. I can program these for you but will need to have site of a valid UHF radio users licence. These are not legal to use on 446 licence free frequencies.

    • Frequency UHF 400-470Mhz)
    • Li-ion Battery
    • Compact hi performance Antenna
    • Time out timer
    • 16 Channels
    • Vox Function
    • Supplied with drop in charger.
    • Output:; 4W
    • 16 Channels
    • Windows PC Programming
    • Scan Function
    • CTCSS/DCS Encode Decode
    • Voice Prompt
    • Battery Saver
    • Desk top charger
    • Scramble Function
    • Busy Channel Lock out
    • Low Battery Warning
    • Over Voltage or Low Voltage Protection
    • Channel Monitor
    • TOT (Time-out Timer)
    • Scrambling Function
    • Noise Reduction
    • Scanning Function
    • Dimension: 136*60*36 (Inc battery) mm

    Ofcom two way radio licence required to use these in the UK, I will need to have a copy of your licence before I can program and send these to you. Unless you have your own licence I would suggest you get a UK Business Light licence, click here to purchase direct from Ofcom.

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