School Radios

Mike Ashby Comms is proud to support charities and educational facilities with a discount on walkie talkie repairs. I offer a fixed price, postal repair service for walkie talkie two-way radios which covers the UK. For schools and charities, I offer a discount of 25% off my standard price list which can be found by clicking here. No discount codes needed; the discount will be automatically applied to your invoice. Repairs to licensed and licence free walkie talkies carried out in my fully equipped workshop. I follow a no fix, no fee policy and only ask for return shipping to be paid if you want equipment back that in not repairable. Excluded from the price is batteries, antenna, housings and chargers, I will however provide a no obligation quote for any of these items that require replacement. Most makes and models of walkie talkie two-way radios are repaired.

I have over thirty-eight years of experience within the radio communications industry, so you can be assured of an expert repair. I hold a range of spare parts for most makes and models of handheld radios, thus ensuring a quick turnaround of repairs. Also offered is repairs to six-way bank chargers that are used to charge a number of handsets at the same time. This is a fixed price, UK postal service, so repairs can be sent from anywhere within the UK. Of course, if you are in or near Basingstoke you are welcome to drop off faulty radios and collect when ready. I am happy to do work for EU countries, please contact me for details and off shore shipping rates.

By charities I mean any of the following and similar:

  • Animal charities
  • Cats Protection
  • Cancer research
  • Dogs Trust
  • Water Aid

Educational institutes include:

  • Nursery Schools
  • Primary School
  • Secondary Schools
  • Colleges
  • Academies
  • Universities

The above is just a tiny list of charities and educational facilities given as examples. It should be remembered that there are thousands of such organisations within the United Kingdom raising funds for different causes. If you are a Charity or educational facility of any sort and use walkie talkies have a look at my fixed price repair price list and get 25% off your repairs.

Call: 0333 9009008