DigiX Sky licence free walkie talkie radio, twin pack

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Item number: MACDIXLF

These licence free handsets are ideal for schools, colleges, pubs, night clubs, shops, camping and anywhere you need instant short-range communications. No Ofcom license is required to operate these within the UK and many EU countries. The radio is set to operate on some channels used by Motorola, Kenwood and Icom handhelds. However, Mike Ashby Comms can program these to match exactly any 446 handheld your site may already be using. It should be noted that these are analogue radios and will not work with digital radios. We will soon add a digital unit to this page.
The radios now come with two drop in chargers and two wall adaptors and the USB plug shown in the pamphlet are no longer supplied on the adaptors. You can charge the two radios separately at different locations.