Hand-held flat rate repair price list

Licence free consumer walkie talkies are those that generally come as a pair in a single box, they may or may not come with a charger and rechargeable batteries. Some will need dry cells to power them. I have priced as a pair as it is best if both are sent in, this allows for the working radio to be aligned. The antenna cannot be removed. 

PMR licence free 446 radios usually come as a single radio per box with a charger and rechargeable battery. The purchase price will normally be between about £65 and £185 per radio. The antenna cannot be removed. 

Licensed PMR radios have detachable antennas as do most digital radios, apart from those that are licence free 446 types. Of course you require an Ofcom radio licence in order to use these radios in the UK, as with other Countries. 

Limited keypad with display, the keypad will have a limited amount of buttons, normally excluding numbers. (Licensed radios)

The full keypad radio will include the characters 0 – 9 and perhaps the * and #. (Licensed radios)

If you are not sure of your radio type please call 0333 9009008 or send an email with the make and model number.
Prices are as follows:

1. 446 licence free consumer walkie-talkies per pair £21.00
2. 446 licence free PMR walkie-talkies, each £28.00
3. Licensed PMR walkie-talkies, no display or keypad, each £30.00
4. Licensed PMR walkie-talkies, display and limited keypad, each £33.00
5. Licensed PMR walkie-talkies, display and full keypad, each £36.00
6. Digital walkie talkies, all with or without keypad/display, each £38.00  **** See below

Prices excluding VAT

The "Repair Request" form can be downloaded here

You can download a copy of the repair price list here

*** Please note – only mechanical repairs are carried out on digital radios, such as channel, on/off, and PTT switch replacement. Antenna socket, display, speaker and housing replacement are also done. Housings and displays are not covered by the fixed price repair. Prices exclude return shipping.

Repairs to six way walkie-talkie chargers from £40.00.

Certain Headsets can be repaired, please enquire. 

The prices for radios are for electronic repairs only. (Radios 1 - 5 above) If a new housing is required, we will contact you and quote prior to fitting. Fixed Price Repair excludes antenna, battery, metal chassis and charging equipment. Some radios may not be repairable due to liquid ingress, software/hardware issues and PC board damage. I follow a no fix, no fee policy, so if your radio is not repairable by me you will only have to pay the return shipping fee to get the equipment back.

Please include Mike Ashby Comms in the first line of the above address. A number of businesses operate from the above site and reception needs to know who the package must go to.
UK (Mainland) return shipping is £9.95 per consignment if repairs are under £250.00 and free if repairs are over £250.00. For outside the UK Mainland and EU please contact me for pricing. Please note that where possible, kindly ship radios without batteries (bodies only)

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