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Nedis walkie talkies, licence free, 446 radios, Twin Pack

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Just in time for the summer holidays these walkie talkies are great for staying in contact when camping, fishing, travelling and other activities. Stay in contact.

Ideal for occassional use when camping, fishing etc. These use three AAA disposable batteries each and so you do not need to have a mains connection to charge batteries. You can of course use your own rechargable batteries and charger. You willl get up to 3 miles range, subject to terrain and conditions. (Best range over flat open ground) The walkie-talkie incorporates Voice Activated Transmit (VOX) – as soon as you start talking, the walkie-talkie switches to transmit automatically; perfect for hands-free use. 

• Communication range of up to 5 kilometres (in open field areas)
• 8 channels with 38 CTCSS codes (subchannels) each – prevents interference from other 2-way radios
• 446 MHz technology – for a reliable, wireless connection
• VOX function – for hands-free communication
• LED light providing clear illumination 
• 2.5 hours continuous talk time and 24 hours stand-by time

Box contains two radios, two belt clips and user guide. Three AAA cells required per radio.

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