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Motorola XT180 446 twin pack

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The XT180 is a cost effective solution to short range communications in the warehouse, school, shop floor or anywhere you need communications. The radio is licence free so there is no need for an Ofcom licence to operate these radios in the UK and most of the EU. They willl work with existing Motorola 446 radios, are light weight, easy to use with superb audio clarity. Range is up to five miles but is terrain dependant, best range in open country and very poor range is dense forests. Buildings will also affect the range you will obtain and could be down to a few hundred yards in very built up areas.

  • Range up to 8km(5 miles)
  • 8 Channels with channel monitor/scan
  • 121 Eliminator Codes
  • 10 Call Tones
  • Up to 14 Hours battery life

Included is 2 x radio bodys, 2 x belt clips, 2 x batteries, twin charger and 2 x earpieces.


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