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G Shape earbud HYT2

  • Description

    A G-Shape earbud earpiece with microphone and PTT. The unobtrusive Mic/PTT clips neatly to your shirt or lapel via a robust metal clip. The earbud is adjustable and the bracket fits comfortability around the ear ensuring that the earbud is held in place. Great for long periods of use.

    This is suitable for the HYTERA 405, 415, 565, PD505, POWER 446, TC610, TC620 series of walkie talkies

    Microphone Specifications

    Dimension: 6mm x 5mm

    Sensitivity: -40 ± 3 dB

    Direction: Omni-directional

    Speaker Specifications

    Dimension: Ø15mm

    Impedance: 32Ω ± 15%

    Power rating: Normal 30mW

    Maximum 50mW

    Cable Specifications

    Cable diameter: 2.6mm, 1.9mm

    Length: 690mm, 260mm ±10mm

    Material: polyurethane, Kevlar reinforced

    Durable temperature: -45ºC~ +85ºC