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Remote speaker-microphone for Icom 2 pin

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This is a professional quality remote speaker microphonewith a two pin plug suitable for Icom hand portables.. Provides clear audio, is water resistant and comes with a durable curly cord, which is Kevlar lined for added strength and longevity. Complete with a eight position lapel clip. 

Microphone Specifications

Dimension: Ø9.7 x 6.5mm

Sensitivity: -40 ± 3db

Direction: Omnidirectional

Output Impedance: 2.2K

Current Consumption: 500A

Working Voltage: 1.5V

Audio Response: 50Hz 10KHz

Speaker Specifications

Dimension: Ø36mm

Impedance: 8 ±15%

Output Sound Pressure Level: 80±3db

Power Rating: Normal .05W

Maximum 1W

Frequency Range: 280Hz-6KHz average


Cable Specifications

Cable Diameter: Ø3.8mm

Cable Length: 45cm 1.5m

Colour: Black

Material: Thermoplastic polyurethanes

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