Motorola XT or XTN series missing rubber talk button? Most makes refurbished.


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Walkie talkie earpieces are available online from Mike Ashby Comms. I sell a range of none OEM earpieces which are of a very good quality. Shipping is free to UK mainland destinations, other areas and overseas Countries will attract a shipping fee. Order before 12:30PM, Monday to Friday for same day dispatch.  Available are acoustic curly tube, D-Shape, G-Shape, ear-bud and MP3 style earpieces.

Please contact me for a shipping quotation to your Country, I will be happy to sort this for you.

Beware of cheap earpieces, I have had to replace earpiece sockets on many portable radios that have been damaged. Damage can be caused by slightly over size plugs, tips breaking off in sockets and fastening screws breaking off in the radios body. You should also remember not to over tighten screws that hold earpieces onto radio bodies, ideally these should be finger tight only. Always switch the handset off before attaching or plugging in an earpiece or headset. Switch the radio on before attaching the earpiece to your body to avoid loud beeps in your ear.

As well as earpieces you will find some headsets and remote speaker microphones for walkie talkie two way radios. Earpieces with Hi-Rose plugs are great if you use different radios as you can have one earpiece and you then just need the Hi-Rose adaptor for the different handsets you use.