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Motorola XT420, XT460, XTNi or XTNiD rubber button missing

22 Apr 2019 14:00:00 Mike

Missing rubber PTT button

Is the rubber pust to talk button missing of your walkie talkie two way radio?

This can occur on many radios including licensed PMR walkie talkies. With some radios it is a case of replacing the rubber and perhaps the bezel that holds the rubber in place.(Design dependant) On others the whole housing has to be replaced to solve the problem.

The Motorola XT420, XT460, XTNi and XTNiD need the case replaced if the rubber push to talk button is missing. I would not normally expect the rubber to fall off for many years, it seems that staff pick at the rubber and eventually manage to pull it off. Then staff try to put the radio into talk mode by pushing a sharp object through the hole in the casing to operate the actual swith inside the radio. This more often than not leads to the switch been destroyed which then also has to be replaced. I can replace the housing and fit a new PTT switch and the radio will be a functioning unit once again. Please see the "RepairsPage" of the website for details on how to send me a repair. In most cases the cost is under £30.00 with return shipping of £8.00 per consignment up to 20Kgs.


XT420 and XT460

XTNi and XTNiD

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