Acoustic tube ACTM20


About This Product

This two wire acoustic earpiece is highly popular across a broad range of industries. The combined press-to-talk and microphone can be run down a sleeve into the palm of the hand or clipped to your clothing.
To purchase an earpiece with the correct plug for your handset, please check to "Compatibility Key" and then use the drop down menu to select the fitting.


Microphone Specifications

Dimension: Ø9.7mm x6 mm

Sensitivity: -40±2dB

Direction: Omnidirectional

Speaker Specifications

Dimension: Ø16mm

Impedance: 110Ω ± 15%

Power Rating: Normal 1.0W
Maximum 1.5W

Cable Specifications

Cable diameter: Ø3.8mm, Ø2.5mm

Colour: black

Material: polyurethane kevlar reinforced


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