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Motorola XTNi replacement housing NNTN8209A

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Now available is this brand new housing for the Motorola XTNi licence free walkie talkie two way radio. This comes complete with the speaker and name label. I would suggest that you send it in to me and I will replace the housing for you. Sometimes the PTT switch on the board has been damaged by someone using a pen or sharp object to try and place the radio into transmit mode. You radio will have one of two versions of this housing which may require a simple modification to make the new housing suit your radio. I am quite happy to explain how to do this over the phone once you have the radio open. You will need a T6 torx driver to open the radio and a long nose pliers if you need to do the modification. Please give me a call if you wish to discuss this with me.

Please allow up to ten days for delivery on this item.

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