Add To Your Wishlist2 wire for EV-X24 series

Add To Your Wishlist2 wire for EV-X24 series

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EVX earpiece

2 wire for EV-X24 series

  • Description

    A very popular earpiece, one of my best sellers. The combined press-to-talk/microphone can be clipped to your clothing or run down a sleeve into you palm for covert use. Great for security and covert use, with crystal clear audio.

    Suitable for Vertex radios EV-X24 series

    Microphone Specifications

    Dimension: Ø9.7mm x6 mm

    Sensitivity: -40±2dB

    Direction: Omni directional

    Speaker Specifications

    Dimension: Ø16mm

    Impedance: 110Ω ± 15%

    Power Rating: Normal 1.0W
    Maximum 1.5W

    Cable Specifications

    Cable diameter: Ø3.8mm, Ø2.5mm

    Colour: black

    Material: polyurethane kevlar reinforce