• Fixed price walkie talkie repairs

    Fixed price walkie talkie repairs in the UK. Postal service for most makes and models including 446 licence free handsets. Details and prices here.

Walkie talkie charger not working, only half pockets working

Walkie talkie charger not working or half pods not working

Have you got a six way charger for your handheld radios that are not working? Mike Ashby Comms can repair most faults on this sort of equipment. Common issues are, none of the pods are working, one or more not working and only half of the six pockets not working. If three out of six pods are not working this is usually three on the left or right. This is normally down to a faulty power supply where two power supplies are used. Each power supply will feed voltage to three inserts so if one side fails you can still use three pods for charging your walkie talkies. I have come across this is bank chargers for Motorola CP040’s. DP1400’s, XTNi’s, XTNiD’s, XT420’s and XT460’s hand portable equipment. Not sure if other manufactures use this method to provide some redundancy in charging equipment.

Many multiple way chargers use a single power supply to power all six charging pockets. So if the supply goes faulty you will end up with a non servicable charger. I am happy for you to contact me via email or by calling 0333 9009008(UK)

Remember I perform repairs to most makes and models of two way handheld radios, this includes licence free radios, earpiece socket replacement, re-housing and servicing. This is a UK/EU postal service. (fixed price) The price list is available on the website.

Six way charger

XT420 or XT460 Motorola six way charger

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