• Fixed price walkie talkie repairs

    Fixed price walkie talkie repairs in the UK. Postal service for most makes and models including 446 licence free handsets. Details and prices here.

Handset with faulty earpiece socket

Walkie talkie with faulty earpiece socket

Over time and depending on usage the earpiece socket on your walkie talkie may become unreliable or totally faulty. This would include handhelds that use a side connector pad such as the GP340. I have changed countless sockets on all makes and models over the years. Some unfortunately could not be repaired as impropper procedures were followed and damage to the PC board occurred. So unless you really know what you are doing and have them right tools for the job, it is best to leave well alone. This service includes replacing sockets on PMR licence free 446 radios as will as licenesed hand portable equipment.

The pads on the radio printed circuit board can sometimes be damaged if a earpiece is plugged into a handset on a users belt and the plug comes into hard contact with a wall or door frame. Either way if one or more pads are lifted from the board by poor repair procedures or by force, the radio is pretty much seen its day.

It is very fustrating for a member of your staff to have an intermittant socket as they will not always hear calls or be able to make calls. When this happens the first thing to do is try another earpiece to check that the earpiece is not the problem. If the issue is still there then the faulty socket will need to be changed to solve the problem. Depending on the radio make and model this repair is usually covered by the fixed price repair price. Some of the radios I have done are the DP1400, CP040, TK3301, TK3201, IC-F25, SL1600, TC-610, VX351, XTNi, P150, XT420 and the VX417 to name a few.

In order to send in a radio or several radios with faulty earpiece sockets please find prices, details and a link to the repair form by clicking here.

Damaged earpiece socket

Badly damaged


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