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    Fixed price walkie talkie repairs in the UK. Postal service for most makes and models including 446 licence free handsets. Details and prices here.

Motorola XT420 or XT460 shouting out channel number

Does your Motorola XT420 or XT460 randomly shout out the channel number? This is repairable in many cases, unless the pads on the PCB have been damaged. If the pads have been damaged it is possible to set the radio to one channel. This means that no matter where the switch is positioned the radio will always be on one particular frequency. The channel annunciation can then be disabled. Of course this will only work if you only use one particular channel all the time, so is not a great fix.

Motorola XT420 and XT460

Motorola 446 radios

Mike Ashby Comms will repair this fault and get your radio working as it should. I offer a fixed price repair service for most makes and models of walkie talkie two way radios.  You can find details of my service by clicking here.



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